10 Types Of People You Come Across At Airports

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7:00 pm 28 Jul, 2015

Airports are boring, let’s all agree to that. You literally have nothing do to. You’re just sitting there pointlessly feeling as apathetic as ever. People who spend copious amounts of time travelling, in order to not get bored, indulge themselves in scrutinizing the other passengers.

Here are some types you’re bound to have come across at least once.

1. The late arrivals

When you hear their ragged breathing and a whooshing sound, you know you’re going to hear an extremely interesting story about a dog, a vegetable vendor, an apocalypse and a ghost somehow responsible for the person’s inability to reach on time.


People at airports

Raastein mein mujhe mera hamshakal mil gaya. Isiliye mujhe late hua. rediff

2. The “do you know who I am?”

These are some extremely important and famous people. Only that, the junta doesn’t know them neither does it care. But we’ll give them the benefit of doubt.


People at airports

I’m KRK, you two rupees people. sulekha

3. The transit travelers

These are the people whose flights are either delayed or they have to make a connecting flight. It’s easy to spot them. They’re the ones with huge dark shadows beneath their eyes and looking half hungover because of no sleep.


People at airports

I’m too deadbeat to come up with a caption. ytimg

4. The Hipsters

They’re the ones who flaunt the just out of bed look. Loose tank tops, torn pajamas, disheveled hair and groggy eyes, it’s their definition of cool. You start to wonder how this look ever made a fashion statement.


People at airports

You stink. tfpc

5. The giant rolling suitcase struggler

You’ll always find a person disproportionate to the baggage he/she is carrying. Either he is extremely prudent and is carrying only a pouch worth of material for a month long trip or she is extremely indecisive and ends up carrying her entire wardrobe and three times the cosmetics, not to mention, at least twelve pairs of shoes. For a half day picnic.


People at airports

I think our bags got exchanged. I have a family of 27. natgeotraveller

6. The jewellery overload

They always get caught by the custom people because of the gold and diamond and titanium and other metals and stones and hold up the security line because of their earthy attachments.


People at airports

I advise Bappi Lahiri on fashion. dailymail

7. The red carpeters

High heels, makeup, perfect hair and a super tight I-can’t-breathe dress. They’re all set for a red carpet event. Too bad, they don’t have coolies at the airports because we doubt they’ll be able to manage their baggage.


People at airports

Damn this travel! I should’ve worn a smaller six inch heel. sliceofreallife

8. The awed passengers

They stare at everything with wonderment and pure joy. Probably their first time at the airport. They may make the mistake of ordering food without asking the price.


People at airports

Itna accha toilet toh mera harpik lagane ke baad bhi nahi dikhta! fsquarefashion

9. The hogs

You’re sitting quietly reading a book and a family comes and sits right next to you. You look up and out comes the khakra, faafda, idli-vada, samosa, a few armful of chocolates. You have no choice but to move away from there, either because of the overbearing smell or because you don’t want them to know you want their food too.


People at airports

I think I forgot something! Oh right, masala chaas, kheer, utthapa and my microwave! dailyedge

10. The “cool” coffee people

These people buy the most ridiculously expensive coffee. They ooze high status. But really, no one aspires to be able to not feel stupid for drinking airport coffee.


People at airports

Iss coffee ki taste tum kya jaano Ramesh babu! desibucket


Airports are places of great transit. Airports bring the unnatural out of you like nothing else. These are probably the most depressing and sterile man made things on the face of this earth. And the annoying unnatural white bright light freaks the bejeesus out of most of us. What kind of people do you meet at airports?


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