12 Incidents Where Selfie Killed The One Clicking It

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4:00 pm 5 Jul, 2015

Social media waves flow unbridled all over the globe. People want to stay glued to the internet every time and keep updating their darling friends about their every move every now and then. In this android world, selfies have caught the fancy but you would never imagine that this obsession can even take lives. You would be hard pressed to pick up one personality who is not a victim of selfie epidemic. How strange it is to know now that selfies can actually be related to cause of death. Although this is surprising and unbelievable we have brought a list of people who died while contributing to their craze.

1. Three Indian friends lost their lives while taking selfies in front of a running train.

These three friends were from Delhi and Faridabad and wanted to click a photograph as close to a running train as possible. The fourth friend who survived said that they wanted to click eye rolling photographs for their Facebook page.


2. 21-year-old boy accidentally shot himself while clicking selfie with a gun.

Playing with gun can be dangerous and taking a selfie with a gun can be even more dangerous. A 21-year-old boy accidentally shot himself while he was taking a selfie with a gun.


3. 23-year-old tourist died while clicking a selfie in front of Landmark Bridge.

Sylwia Rajchel was a nursing student from Poland who died while trying to click a selfie in front of Landmark Bridge. She was unable to keep her balance and fell 15 feet into the concrete structure. She died on her way to hospital.


4. The bride to be who died in a road accident while going to her bachelor party.

Colette Moreno, 23, was seated in a passenger seat while her friend was driving on their way to bachelor party. Both were busy clicking selfies when their car collided with another vehicle. She left behind her fiancé, Jesse Arcobasso.


5. Unfortunate day for a 21-year-old girlfriend who died on her first date.

Miss Cheynne Holloway and James Nichols were in long distance relationship. James came to meet her girlfriend in Nothcliff hill, which is second highest peak in Johannesburg. The couple stopped to click a photograph under the shinning sun. Miss Holloway was standing on large rock which gave away and she fell 15 mtrs into the pathway. She was declared dead on spot.


6. Devastating day for a birthday girl as she drowns in the water while clicking selfie for a birthday bash.

Chezka Agas, 18, drowned in the water while posing for a selfie with her group of friends in front of a wind turbine in Barangay Masikil, Philippines. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead.


7. Again a car accident due to selfies.

Courtney Sanford, 32, crashed her car while clicking selfie on the road. While she was uploading her photo on Facebook, a passing truck crashed into her car which proved to be fatal. This was probably the last update from Miss Sanford.


8. 13-year-old girl drowned in the water while trying to click photos on the river banks.

Karen Hernández, 13, wanted to click eye catching photography in front of the river bank. Unfortunately due to her ignorance, she slipped into the river and drowned.


9. Russian girl falls from 28 feet high bridge while clicking selfie.

Xenia Ignatyeva, a 17-year-old Russian girl, took a selfie from the bridge which was 28 ft high. It is said that she always tried to click ‘out of the reach’ photograph and this time she unfortunately slipped down the bridge to her death.


10. A Romanian teen dies after touching a live wire on the roof of train.

She was a selfie obsessed queen who loved to click photography every time. The girl burst into flames while touching a live wire on the roof of train, where she was trying to capture an ultimate moment for herself. Fifty per cent of her body was burned and she died after few hours of the incident.


11. A famous rapper died taking selfie while riding her bike.

Ramon Gonzalez was a famous rapper with many hits to her name, including the ‘Fashion Girl’ and ‘Soly Arena’. Popularly known as Jadiel, she was driving her motorcycle when she tried to click a selfie for her Facebook fan page. Minutes later she lost control of her bike and died.


12. Group of students were washed away from river while clicking selfies.

47 students and 3 faculty staffs from V.N.R Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering from Hyderabad went on a tour to Beas River. All were busy clicking selfies and posing themselves on the banks of river Beas. The entire group was washed away by the river when it suddenly raised its intensity.


Taking a selfie may appear to be a wonderful thing, but let us not lose our sanity over it.


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