Over A Million People Now Access Facebook On The “Dark Web” Every Month

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5:09 pm 25 Apr, 2016

According to latest reports, over the past few months over a million people have moved moved up to Tor “Dark Web” so as to access their Facebook profile without worrying about maintaining their privacy.

The report was given by social media platform Facebook itself which said that though the growth of Tor over the past few years was “roughly” linear, since June 2015, some 525,000 people have moved to Tor, so as to access their social media profile.

The Facebook report also stated that in these last 9 months, the number has risen to more than one million “Dark web” Facebook user.


Representational Image Motherboard

Representational Image Motherboard

Though, Facebook remains in support of the platform which maintains people’s  privacy and leaves no digital trail. They said:


Facebook POSTER 1

The idea of Tor is relatively simple as it allows anonymous web browsing by sending data through multiple encrypted steps rather than making direct connections.



How Tor Browser Works FossBytes

By doing so Tor shields the identity of its users and gives them complete privacy.

Supporting Tor’s initiative, Facebook too created a dedicated address for Tor users back October 2014, which made it easier for Tor Facebook users.


Representational Image Digit.in

Representational Image Digit.in

Facebook has now gone a step further and also expanded its Tor support by rolling out support for the Android Orbot proxy.

With this, Facebook now gives Android Facebook users an easier way to use Tor on their smartphones.


Android Community

Facebook over Tor on Android Phones Android Community

Unfortunately Apple’s iOS platform still does not have Tor support and thus this is not available for iPhone users.

With regards to why people would want to remain anonymous over the internet. Tor in a statement said:



There are also many Privacy activists and journalists that who come in support of Tor and say it provides many hackers, activists and journalists a medium to communicate securely.

Privacy over internet has been a huge issue in the past few years and many platforms like WhatsApp are now providing an encrypted route to maintain it.

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