Cricket: Pakistan Plays Money Politics; Says If India Won’t Play Against Us, BCCI Should Forfeit

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11:49 am 10 Nov, 2016

According to Pakistan news reports, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently spoke to International Cricket Council (ICC), and made it clear that they want to play against India in the ICC Champions Trophy next year and added that if BCCI is not willing to play the match as scheduled, then they should forfeit the match altogether.


India is set to play Pakistan in Birmingham on June 4, 2017, for the Champions Trophy fixture. BCCI earlier this year had asked ICC to put Pakistan and India in separate groups, so as to avoid playing against them before the Semi Finals.

The eagerly-awaited match has been under doubts since the Uri Attacks, after which  BCCI had asked ICC to keep Pakistan and India separate groups in any ICC event.


The ICC in-turn had asked both the parties to form a committee to resolve the matter, but according to PCB, they refused to accept ICC’s proposal.

“I made it clear that either they will have to play us or forfeit the match. There is no other way. I also raised the matter to give PCB compensation for the losses the board will suffer due to India’s refusal to play Pakistan.” – Najam Sethi, PCB Chief Executive

PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan further added that there was no question of finding a middle ground in this situation as the “ICC rules are very much clear”.

“The ICC rules are already there. England had to forfeit a World Cup (2003) match after they refused to travel to Zimbabwe due to political tensions. I don’t think there is a need of forming a committee as the rules are clear. The Birmingham match has already been sold out. Pakistan-India game is the most lucrative match and points should go to the team which is ready to play.” –  Shaharyar Khan, PCB Chairman

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