Paytm Sponsored Products Are Not Always Reliable. This ‘Delivery’ Of Mohammad Shami Proves It

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4:51 pm 19 Nov, 2016

Indian Cricketer Mohammad Shami on day two of the Vizag Test match, produced the delivery of the year when he took the wicket of England’s formidable captain Alastair Cook.


While Cook’s wicket got the Indian team the much needed break, the way Shami bowled him out, made people sit up and take notice.

But, even as Indian fans celebrated Cook’s dismissal, there was one group which most likely would not have been happy about the wicket – Paytm.

Mohammed Shami’s ‘delivery’ had broken the stumps into pieces, and along with it Paytm’s name on it.


You see Paytm is the official sponsor of India – England Test series and thus have their name engraved on everything, be it match tickets, cricket ground, match hoarding and even match ‘wickets’.

Here is what happened,



Well, we got to say, happy or not, that is one awesome “product placement” Paytm. Now no matter how many times you watch this dismissal, your name would always be on focus.

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