AAP Stoops To A New Low, Says Narendra Modi Is The “PM Of Paytm”

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1:23 pm 23 Nov, 2016

Since the time PM Modi has announced his decision about demonetization, opposition parties have started protesting against it. Arvind Kejriwal has been the most vocal one among all and has also made many strong statements.

His recent tweet brought a storm when he demanded to change the PM.


Earlier, when Paytm released its ad with PM Modi’s picture congratulating him for his move against black money, Arvind Kejriwal called Modi a beneficiary of Paytm and got a fitting reply from Paytm’s founder.



Now, he along with his party staged a protest at Jantar Mantar against the PM. He tried making people aware of the disadvantages of demonetization.



The protest was also attended by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, along with his Cabinet colleagues. They marched towards the Parliament protesting against demonetization.

PM Modi was also targeted by the senior leader of the party, Dilip Pandey. He made the claim that the PM is looting our nation in the name of nationalism. While conducting the protest he said,

“Note nahi ab niyam badlo, Modiji hosh main aaon (Change rules not notes, wake up Mr Modi).”


Development Minister, Gopal Rai, was with the crowd and while addressing the gathering he said,

People of the country have made you Prime Minister but you became PM of ‘PayTM’. If you would have worked for the people of the country, they would have been on your side.

AAP has been strongly protesting against demonetization and wants the PM to withdraw his decision regarding currency ban.


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