Patients Were Ferried On Carts While Stretchers Were Used To Carry Waste At A Hospital In Agra

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9:30 pm 17 Sep, 2015

At Agra’s Sarojini Naidu Medical College patients were seen being carried on hand-pushed vegetable carts, while the medical stretchers were being used to ferry garbage bins from one place to another.

Sarojini Naidu Medical College claims to be among one of the first medical schools in the country and is considered among the top hospitals in Agra.


There was no shortage of stretchers in the hospital. It was seen that garbage bins were being carried out of hospital on more than one stretcher.


While the situation left many aghast, the surprising part was that the principal of the medical college was not even aware of the situation and expressed surprise when it was brought to his attention.

On being told about the situation, he said that he will look into the matter and a proper investigation will be conducted into it.

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