Pathankot Attack: Braveheart Commando Who Took Four Bullets Is Ready To Fight Again

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3:47 pm 16 Feb, 2016

Few weeks ago we told you about 24- year-old Corporal Shailabh Gaur, who took four bullets when terrorists attacked the Pathankot Air Base on January 2.


India Times

India Times Corporal Shailabh Gaur after being injured in Patankot Attack


Gaur, who is a member of the Indian Air Force’s elite commando unit, Garud, took four bullets in the abdomen during a fierce gun battle between the Indian soldiers and the terrorists who had infiltrated the air base.

Though still in recovery, Corporal Gaur is raring to get out of rehabilitation and join his Air Force team again. 



NDTV Corporal Shailabh Gaur six weeks after the Pathankot Attack


Just a day before he got injured, he along with his unit had flown in from Adampur. In an interview, he  recalled that night and said:

“It was around 3.30 am when we were asked to look around the vehicle maintenance area and clear the area. We spotted a trail which led us inside the area, terrorists hiding there began firing as the platoon took positions.”

During that shoot-out, Corporal Gursewak Singh was with Shailabh and was also shot, but unlike Gaur, he didn’t make it and lost his life due to his injuries.



NDTV Corporal Gursewak Singh


Talking about Singh, Shailabh said:

“Gursewak was a close friend, we had joined the Air Force together and we were buddies.”

He then went on to talk about that fateful night and said that were briefed to secure the technical area which had fighter jets and radars.



VrWorld Representational Image

The presence of jets meant that they could not use heavy weapons as that would have caused a lot of damage, they thus had to do with whatever little they had.

While they were restricted, the terrorist were not and used grenades and mortars while they reloaded their guns, thankfully they didn’t explode.

The shoot-out lasted for over an hour before Gaur was able to attend to his injuries which was grave considering the fact that he was hit by so many bullets and splinter pieces have to removed from his body.

Fighting purely on adrenalin rush, when Gaur finally reached the military hospital, he found out that he had lost three litres of blood in his abdominal cavity due to internal bleeding.



His survival and comeback from that is nothing short of a miracle as six weeks after the attack, Gaur has almost recovered and would be giving his fitness test next week.

Corporal Gaur was the best all-rounder during his training with the Air Force back in 2010 and looking at his capability, he was enrolled in the elite commando unit ‘Garud.’


With three generation of his family members in defence forces, being in Air Force wasn’t a difficult choice for him and he recalled how Hollywood action movies like Commando and Rambo would always inspire him during his school days.

He is now a real life Rambo for India and we at TopYaps salute him for his bravery and wish him the very best  for the future.

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