7 Reasons Why There Should Be More Events Like ‘Paris Without A Car’

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2:00 pm 14 Sep, 2015

Well I should not exaggerate this because we all are doing this already, aren’t we? Come’on guys ‘Rahagiri’! Raahgiri Day is India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative that began in Gurgaon on Nov 17, 2013.  This road event arrived in the world’s second largest city – New Delhi. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) together with the New Delhi Police Department took the lead in hosting car-free Sundays in the inner circle of New Delhi’s Connaught Place each week. This shows that we are the first one who took the initiative and now the world is following us.

So, coming back to the topic, Paris has taken this initiative of beginning  its first ever day completely free of motor vehicles of any kind. People instead will be encouraged and invited to tie their laces, hop on a bike, and make their way to a large musical gathering happening in the center of the city.

“Paris without a car” is a collective made up of people from all backgrounds.

We are neither an association nor a party … but a bunch of Parisien.nes! Among us are scientists and illustrious personalities, Parisien.nes of 7-89 years, various professions, active participants in associations, dreamers etc. We share values ??and ambition of this rich and creative project.

This in itself is an amazing step towards saving our mother Earth. Apart from that there are many other reason that can make this event a hit!

1. Sunday mornings will become exciting

People will do something awesome on Sundays rather than just sleeping and wasting it.



2. No crying over weight gain anymore

There will be activities that will require your physical strength. Hence, that will definitely lead to some weight loss. Provided you don’t rush to McD’s after that!



3. Chuck the gym and make exercising fun

You start exercising in the gym and leave it after a few days of hard struggle. Now this won’t happen. Cycling, racing and all the other fun exercises will keep you interested and fit all together.


4. Say “No” to traffic

Wooohoo… I think this is the best thing which can happen. So less traffic and so much fun. You can make plans to go to the lake side or to any mall  or a romantic walk. All this without meeting any traffic on roads. So good!


5. No contribution to global warming

Sometimes big things need small contribution. You just don’t have to take your car keys along for a day and that will decrease CO2 level. Isn’t this amazing?



6. It will freshen up your mind

After working for the whole week, this amazing break will leave you fresh for Monday terror.


7. Music is the best therapy for everything

Just wear your tracks and shoes. Get ready to make some moves with your partner or friend in a large musical gathering happening in the center of the city.



So, Paris is gonna make Sunday, September 27, 2015 exciting for its citizens. Hope other countries will feel encouraged to take such initiatives too as this is going to contribute a lot to nature. We have to save Earth, we have to save our home!

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