Paris Jolted By Worst Attack Since World War II. Terrorists Kill Over 150.

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11:52 am 14 Nov, 2015

Peace in Paris was shaken on November 14 when terrorists carried out a series of attacks in the city killing at least 150 people and injuring at least 200.

The attacks were carried out at multiple restaurants, outside the Stade de France and the Bataclan theatre & concert hall starting at around 9:15 GMT, Friday (2:45 AM IST, Saturday).


Paris Attacks


Two explosions were heard near Stade de France where a France-Germany friendly soccer match was being played with the French President Francois Hollande himself in attendance.


Paris Attacks

The scene at the Stade de France after the explosions. CNN

At least three terrorists laid a siege at Bataclan theatre while a concert was on killing over a 110.

It was here that most of the victims died. The terrorists blew themselves up. Bataclan is in the 11th district of Paris. they had also opened fire at the police when they tried to rescue hostages.



Paris Attacks



Hundreds were gathered at the Bataclan to watch Eagles of Death Metal band perform. The band members escaped unhurt.



Most of the places attacked were in close proximity to each other.

“The terrorists, the murderers raked several cafe terraces with machine-gun fire before entering (the concert hall). There were many victims in terrible, atrocious conditions in several places,” police prefect Michel Cadot told reporters.


Map of attack

Of the eight attackers, seven were suicide bombers.


This was the deadliest violence in the city since the Second World War. A state of emergency has been declared in France and borders have been closed.


Hollande announced that 1500 military personnel have been deployed all over Paris to prevent any other possible attack.



Paris is scheduled to hold the Global Climate Conference later this month.





No one took responsibility for the Paris attacks but witnesses told the media that they heard terrorists shouting “This is for Syria“.


Paris Attacks



In September this year, France launched its first airstrike against Islamic State in Syria.

Earlier yesterday, reports of the apparent death of ISIS terrorists Jihadi John started doing the rounds.

Paris Attacks



A US counter-terrorism official told CNN that the methodology and planning resembled tactics that have been used by terror groups such as al Qaeda and ISIS.


Paris Attacks



People on Twitter responded against the terror attacks calling for peace. This became its symbol:


Followed by others,

And world leaders expressed their shock.


  Obama   vladimir Putin   Hassan-Rouhani

Twitterati, too, overwhelmingly condemned the attacks.



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