Govt Mulls Proposal That Will Punish Parents Of Underage Drivers Involved In Crashes

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5:10 pm 21 Apr, 2016

To curb under-age kids from getting behind wheels, the government is all set to bring in a proposal that will punish the parents of the children who drive.


A Two- Wheeler being driven by a Minor Economic Times

A Two- Wheeler being driven by a Minor Economic Times

With this move the government aims to curb rising number of fatalities that are caused by underage drivers.

To bring this proposal into implementation soon, the  government plans to amend the motor vehicles (MV) act and introduce a provision that will charge the parents of juvenile drivers involved in crashes.

The MV Act will also send the errant minors to do community service.


Representational Image The Stand Global

Representational Image The Stand Global

The proposal is likely to be discussed by the road transport ministry at a meeting of state transport secretaries that will take place on April 22.

Talking about the proposal, a ministry official said:

“If a minor is involved, it will be presumed that the parents know and willingly allowed or influenced the child. So, they should be held accountable for allowing the minor to drive.”

The proposal comes in the wake of a 17-year-old minor driver who was speeding his father’s Mercedes mowed down a 33-year-old marketing consultant.


The teen, who turned 18 four days after the accident, was initially let off because he was a minor while his father was only given a small fine.

The offence at present carries a maximum fine of Rs 1,000 and jail for three maximum months.


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