Pakistani Man Forced To Put His Children And Grandchildren On Sale For PKR 1.6 Million

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5:48 pm 9 Sep, 2015

A Pakistani father, Ghulam Rasool Katohar, has put his children and grandchildren on sale Pakistani Rs.1.6 million to pay a fine imposed by a Pakistani Jirga (tribal court), reports Dawn.

Katohar, who along with his four children aged between three and eight years,  appeared in front of the Jacobabad press club on Tuesday, told media:

A family belonging to the Khoso tribe of Jacobabad had accused his son, Ghulam Shabbir Katohar, of having an extramarital affair with a woman belonging to that tribe about two years ago. The aggrieved family eventually took the matter to the Jirga.

In the tribal court, his son was found guilty and imposed a fine of Pakistani Rs.1.6 million to be paid to the rival side to settle the dispute.

The amount has to be usually paid in three instalments by the family of the guilty.


But Katohar said that he was not in a position to afford the burden and had to sell out his two daughters, Fauzia, 8, and Shahida, 6, and two granddaughters, Rabia, 4, and Zahida, 3, to raise the fine amount.

If he doesn’t pay the fine, he says his family might have to face violent vengeance, probably murder of his son, by the rival side permissible under the tribal norms.

However, senior officials in the district police were aware of the Jirga ruling and Katohar’s woes.

But they said that it was necessary to investigate the matter before taking action against all those responsible for issuing such non-judicial rulings and threatening the life and property of citizens.


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