This Pakistani Girl’s Outburst Against Boys Who Were Making Fun Of Breast Cancer Is Bang On

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11:41 am 14 Oct, 2016

We all have gone through that adolescent phase when words like periods, sex, etcetera, made us laugh and awkward at the same time. After we grew up, we actually understood the seriousness of the things we used to laugh at.

But, as an adult, it is definitely our duty to make children aware of the certain sensitive issues which shouldn’t be made fun of. Sexualizing female organs, ogling about it in public and making fun of it is wrong and this is what people need to teach the upcoming generation and a few adults as well!

Fama Hasan, a Pakistani girl wrote an incident that happened recently with her. While going about her usual business she came across these young boys whom she assumed to be kids from the 7th semester. They were talking among themselves and making fun of ‘breast cancer’.




It was the boiling point for Fama. She took the issue to Facebook and wrote about the whole incident and expressed the need for adults to make their young ones aware about such sensitive issues.

This is what she wrote:

Yesterday I got out of class and was walking to my car towards the gate when I passed a bunch of guys who seemed like they must be in the 7th or 8th semester. This was the conversation she overheard:

Guy 1: Oye wo kia kehrae thay?

Guy 2: Pata ni yara ‘Breast’ cancer ka kuch kerne aye thay. Ussi ka btaye jarae thay. *inmature dirty giggles*

Guy 3: *smirks* Ayeinnn! All of the guys: *Errupt in laughter*

I cringed all the way from university to home and I cringe as I type this. A society where basic human organs are sexualized to the point that even a cancer related to it is some locker room banter joke for these boys just like we talk of the one Trump said.

Little do they realize that it kills more than 40,000 women every year in Pakistan alone and these are just only the cases that even luckily get reported. Little do they know that Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Asia. Little do they know that it is exactly this social setup because of which women are reluctant in medical checkups and sharing their issues, not even with their family members and ultimately lose their lives as the diagnosis only occurs at very late stages. God forbid some woman in their family suffers from this ever.

I have people constantly telling me that if you support a cause tou do something, beth ker baatein kerne se kuch nai hoga.

To all of you, ‘do something’ se pehle beth ker awareness phelana aur samjhana zaruri hai. Cause when organizations do come to our institutions to take a step and ‘do something’, these are the illiterate idiots they get to deal with.

So rant as much as you can. Talk, scream and yell as long as you know you are heard somewhere by someone. Do whatever you can. Everything counts.

And to those 4 guys I crossed: Educate yourselves and those around you. Female bodies are not just objects. We are real humans with real diseases. I wish your porn addiction could have taught you otherwise.

God bless.


Take a look at her original post:


Kudos to Fama Hasan who just didn’t ignore the incident but used it to spread awareness. We just can’t leave such topics for others to talk about. It is our duty to talk about it, shout about and make people and children around us aware of it and its sensitivity.

Thank You Fama.

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