Pakistan Violates Indian Airspace, Escalating Tensions Between The Two N-Armed Neighbours

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1:22 pm 30 Aug, 2016

A Pakistani aircraft was spotted hovering over Indian territory in R S Pura sector in Jammu and Kashmir, for about a minute, thus violating Indian Air space.

It was spotted by a Border Security Force jawan, posted near International Border in RS Pura sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

Representational Image commons.wikimedia

Representational Image commons.wikimedia

As per the reports, the jawan saw a small, silver colour fix wing aircraft entering the Indian airspace and it flew back after one minute.

The jawan immediately inform about the aircraft to his seniors so that its location, route and other details could be assessed through radars.

The incident has sent the alarm bells ringing for Indian security agencies who are trying to figure out what was the motive of Pakistani aircraft hovering in Indian Territory.

Google Maps

Google Maps

While the Indian Air Force examines the evidences available, the BSF will submit a report to ministry of home affairs.

Reports suggest that India and Pakistan usually maintain four to five kms distance in the air near the International Border (IB) to avoid crossing of the zero line.

The authorities are also carrying out an investigation to know whether the BSF jawan correctly noticed the aircraft. It is still unknown whether the aircraft was manned or a drone.

Pakistan and China clandestinely use their UAVs on International Border, Line of Control and Line of Actual Control for conducting reconnaissance missions.

BSF soldiers in Jammu dnaindia

BSF soldiers in Jammu dnaindia

The recent spotting of an aircraft also holds importance given the ongoing tension between the two neighbouring countries following the violence in Kashmir Valley.

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