PIA Has Cancelled Flights From Karachi To Delhi, Mumbai. Here’s Why

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1:44 pm 16 Oct, 2016

Owing to poor traffic in recent past, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has cut down its flights from Karachi to Delhi and Mumbai. The move comes as tensions between the two countries have been at all-time high following Uri attacks followed by India’s surgical strikes inside LoC.



However, PIA Spokesman Danyal Gilani, in reference to media queries regarding PIA’s flights to India, clarified that carrier’s Lahore-New Delhi flights are operating normally.

Gilani said passengers who had reservations on these cancelled flight have either been accommodated on PIA subsequent flights or re-routed to Pakistan through other airlines.


He has advised Indian passengers to get in touch with PIA offices in New Delhi and Mumbai in case of difficulty in getting reservations.

As of now, no Indian carrier is flying to Pakistan and PIA is the only airline flying between the two countries.

Earlier, PIA was conducting five flights a week to India — one on Delhi-Karachi route and two each on Delhi-Lahore and Mumbai-Karachi sectors.

At the moment, almost all flight operated by Indian carriers between Gulf, Europe and North America on the one hand and central, north and east India on the other fly over Pakistan. Likewise, PIA flies over India to Southeast Asia and Bangladesh.

It must be noted that following Uri attacks, Pakistan had imposed restrictions on overflying below 33,000 feet in the Karachi airspace, followed by prohibition on airlines from flying below 29,000 feet in Lahore as well.



After the Uri attack, PMO had sought details of aviation ties between the two countries — which include direct flights and allowing airlines of one country to fly over the other.

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