Afghan Police Sure Pakistan Military Behind The Indian Consulate Attack

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4:28 pm 13 Jan, 2016

Afghanistan Police have said that the attack on the Indian consulate in Mazar-e- Shari that took place on January 3 and led to a 25-hour long siege had Pakistani military behind it.



The report first surfaced when PTI on January 12 reported Police chief Sayed Kamal Sadat, of the Balkh province, stating:

“We saw with our own eyes and I can say 99 percent that those attackers were from Pakistani military and used special tactics while conducting their operation.”

Sadat then further added that the attackers were from across the border and had been trained well in military combat.



He went on to add that it was a well prepared attack. He added:

“The attackers were military personnel. They were educated and well prepared and had intelligence. They fought us and only by Allah’s grace were we able to control them and eliminate them.”

The police officials have started their investigation and efforts are on to track down and identify who all were involved in the attack.

Efforts were also on to detain those who assisted the attackers to gain access to the building that was opposite the Indian consulate.



On January 3, the Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, had come under attack by unknown assailants.

There had been an intense gun-battle between the security forces and the attackers in which the attackers had attempted to storm inside the consulate building.


The standoff had only ended after 25 hours of intense gun battle in which one police officer lost his life and nine others, including three civilians were injured.


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