Desperate Pakistan Asks US To Bring India On Dialogue Table

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8:21 pm 20 Oct, 2016

Worried over its international isolation following India’s sustained diplomatic offensive, Pakistan is pressurising the US government to help bring India to the negotiating table, a report in The Nation said.

A Pakistan foreign ministry official had complained to the US that India was avoiding talks despite multiple offers from Pakistan.

In happier times! getnews

In happier times! getnews

The official told The Nation that the country did not want the region to be pushed to war.

The official also said the US encouraging talks between the two neighbours to reduce tensions was due to the fact that Pakistan was pressing the US to persuade India for talks. State department deputy spokesman Mark Toner recently said that the US strongly supports all efforts between India and Pakistan that can contribute to a more stable, democratic, and prosperous region, including meetings between the Indian and Pakistani officials.

“Like us they believe talks is the best way out but they still keep on asking us to do more. We have been telling them all these weeks that we had nothing to do with Uri attack or any such incident,” the Pakistani official said.

State department deputy spokesman Mark Toner caribflame

State department deputy spokesman Mark Toner caribflame

The US had earlier asserted that it is working very hard to push Islamabad to go terrorist groups that seek safe haven on their soil and territory.

“Obviously Pakistan has suffered greatly at the hands of terrorists and violent extremists. We want to help Pakistan confront this terrorist threat, but we also want Pakistan also to go after those terrorists who seek and sometimes find safe haven on Pakistan territory,” Toner had said.

However, Pakistan has denied that it did not draw distinction against any group in its efforts to eliminate terrorists.



In the last few weeks, tensions between India and Pakistan rose to boiling point following the Uri terror attack in which 19 Indian soldiers were killed and India’s surgical strikes on seven terror launch pads across the LoC on the intervening night of September 28 and 29.

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