Pakistan Cannot Conquer Kashmir Through War, Says Hina Rabbani Khar

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8:50 pm 28 Jun, 2016

Pakistan’s former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said that Islamabad cannot “conquer Kashmir through war.”

Pakistan’s former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar helloap

Pakistan’s former foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar helloap

“I believe that Pakistan cannot conquer Kashmir through war and if we cannot do that, the option we are left with is dialogue, and dialogue can only proceed with a partner with which we have normal relations and a certain level of mutual trust,” Khar told Pakistan’s Geo News during an interview.

She said the Kashmir issue can only be discussed based on mutual relations.

Indian Army in Kashmir

Indian Army in Kashmir

Khar, who remained Pakistan’s foreign minister from 2011 to 2013, also said that Pakistani children had been taught for six decades that our national identity is to hate, that we are doing it with those who are physically the nearest. “Hostile with India and now hostile with Afghanistan,” she added.

She claimed that the former government had tried its best to normalise ties with India through relaxation of visa rules and by normalising trade ties.



She said the issues between the two countries cannot be resolved in a hostile environment.

Answering a question regarding the military influence on Pakistan’s foreign policy, the former foreign minister said that it was a diplomat’s job to carry forward the military’s perspective on issues where ‘the military is a relevant stakeholder.’

Khar also said that the two countries should continue talking on Kashmir issue, only then will they reach to a conclusion.

She said the US tilt towards India was driven by economy, market and because of a wish to contain the rising power of China.

She also maintained that the basic objective of Pakistan’s foreign policy should be to serve the people of the country and not the pursuit of power.

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