Pakistan Gets Another Slap In The Face: China To Seal Border With Pakistan To Curb Terror

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3:16 pm 11 Jan, 2017

No nation in the world is immune to the pressures of its national interests. China is no exception.

China looks at Pakistan as a place to invest and a nation which it can keep under its control. Besides parking its surplus capital in Pakistan, China’s One Belt and One Road (OBOR) initiative – a part of which is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project – serves as a perfect opportunity to deploy additional infrastructural capacities, get employment for Chinese workers and get geostrategic leverage.

Despite pouring everything, from money to manpower, China is extremely worried about one thing – Pakistan’s inability to keep terrorists under check. There are many terrorist groups in Pakistan and the country is not able to control them.

China’s official Xinuha news agency quoted head of the Xinjiang government as saying that security along the China-Pakistan border would be further tightened “to prevent terrorists from entering or leaving the region illegally in 2017”.

It clearly shows that China is unhappy with Pakistan as it has failed to stop terrorists from sneaking into its restive border region of Xinjiang.

Besides, Beijing also fears that terrorists also pose a threat to its $46 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir.


Xinjiang Communist Party leaders fear that terrorists getting training from Pakistan and Afghanistan, will return to the province to carry out terror attacks. The statements followed a raid in which three terrorists in Xinjiang’s Hotan prefecture were killed.


Xinjiang chairman Shohrat Zakir said that the government has stepped up its efforts in entry-exit system to curb illegal movement of people across the border.

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