Pakistan Has Got A Fleet Of Indegenously Manufactured Drones That Are Built To Kill Enemies

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6:45 pm 9 Sep, 2015

Earlier this morning we reported about Indian Defence Ministry getting 65 news spy drones for IAF, which would help India strengthen its counter terrorism operations. Not to be outdone by their neighbours and to better their defence against any attacks, Pakistan too have developed a fleet of drones according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Though unlike India’s new ‘spy drones’ whose work is to spy on the enemies, Pakistan’s newly developed Burraq drones are indigenously-developed machines designed to attack the enemies.

Testing out their new drone, Pakistani military killed three militants on Monday, marking their the use of the missile-firing drone in combat.


The Burraq drones carry two laser-guided Barq air-to-ground missiles. WSJ said the attack carried out in North Waziristan province was confirmed by Pakistani Major General Asim Bajwa via a Tweet.

Major General Bajwa, who is also spokesperson for Pakistan military said:

“1st ever use of Pak made Burraq Drone today. Hit a terrorist compound in Shawal Valley killing 3 high profile terrorists,”

The official number of casualties is, however, not available as access to the area is restricted.

Before Pakistan mentioned drone strike this past Monday, the US and Israel were the only countries to have ever used armed drones in a combat, according to the New America Foundation, an independent Washington-based think tank.


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