Meet Pakalu Papito: Ruling The Internet Like A Boss With His Hilarious Tweets

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3:22 pm 13 Jan, 2016

Meet the brutally honest Pakalu Papito who is ruling the internet like a boss! Pakalu’s Twitter account has 1.42 million followers and he gets around 10k retweets on almost every tweet.



He posts this kind of random stuff that is being liked by the masses. Not only on Twitter, there are several pages on Facebook named after Pakalu Papito!


He presents the most random and honest stuff about life and other arbitrary things in such a hilarious manner that people just have to laugh and share it.


His tweets range from life to relationships, weight loss and almost everything else.



And sometimes his tweets get so real that you just cannot ignore them.






His Twitter account has around 2k tweets and has got 2,393 likes till now. He has become a star of this generation!






Pakalu Papito’s identity is still a mystery. No one has any clue whether is he real or fictional but he was a desperate need on the internet for sure!




Thank you Pakalu Papito for being there and making our lives humorous with your honest posts!


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