Pak. Media Gag: Journo Added To ‘Exit Control List’ For Reporting About Govt’s Rift With Pak Army

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4:12 pm 11 Oct, 2016

Pakistan government on October 11 added Pakistani journalist Cyril Almeida on the ‘Exit Control List’ for reporting about the rift between the Nawaz Sharif government and Pakistan army.

Almeida, who belongs to the Dawn newspaper, had last week reported an exclusive story in which he spoke about a rift between Pakistan’s union government and the Pakistan’s army.


Soon after the report went public, Sharif government not only denied the newspaper’s claims but also gave out orders for a stern action to be taken against them.

Following that the government on October 11 decided to put Almeida on an ‘Exit Control List’, which means the central government can now stop him from leaving Pakistan.

The news about the same was disclosed by Almeida himself, who in a tweet spoke about this development.


Almeida though has been backed by the newspaper Dawn, who not only stood by their story but even published a note on their website showing support to Almeida.

“The story that has been rejected by Prime Minister’s Office as a fabrication was verified, cross-checked and fact-checked…Therefore, the elected government and state institutions should refrain from targeting the messenger, and scape-goating the country’s most respected newspaper in a malicious campaign.” – Dawn

Pakistan government on October 10 had ordered “stern action” against those responsible for Dawn’s story and called the news “fabricated”.

“The participants were unanimous that the published story was clearly violative of universally acknowledged principles of reporting on national security issues and has risked the vital state interests through inclusion of inaccurate and misleading contents which had no relevance to actual discussion and facts.”

In Almeida’s exclusive report, he had written about civilian Pakistani government telling their Army that the country faced international isolation if they didn’t crack down on terrorist groups operating within its borders.

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