15 Oscars Facts That Make The Awards Seem Less Prestigious

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5:42 pm 25 Feb, 2015

1. Studios have to nominate their movies for the awards

That means that they put out ‘For your consideration’ advertisements that either explain why they think their picture or anyone associated with it merits an Academy Award or they simply list all the categories in which they think their film was good.

2. The cost of just getting a film nominated is very high

The tune of 10 million dollars high. That means that studios often spend more money in trying to secure a nomination than they do in making a movie or even the box office earnings of that movie.

3. An Oscar isn’t a sign of how well-received a movie was

Often, the movies that get the Oscars are the ones that haven’t been as big a box office hit as others released at the same time.

4. The awards are completely out of touch with what audiences like

In a 2014 poll by Reuters, 67% of the people hadn’t seen any of the 11 nominated movies. ‘Captain Phillips’, which was the most-watched movie, had only been seen by 15% of the people.

5. The Oscars are less valuable as awards and more as an event

The ad revenue stands at an amazing $2 million for 30 seconds of airtime! The gift bags that are given to celebrity attendees are estimated to be worth $168,000, and are given by companies in the hope of sponsorships.

6. Earlier, the Oscar winners would be decided and announced in advance

In fact, from 1929 to 1939, the media was given names of the winners three months before the ceremony so Oscar stories could be well prepared. There are cases of actors posing with their statuettes before the final ceremony.

7. The Academy seems to think that if a movie doesn’t depress people, it’s not a good movie

This is why only 3 comedies have won the Best Picture award in 40 years and less than 10% of Best Picture nominations are comedy movies, no matter how great they are.

8. Oscar statuettes are property of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

This is why, before any attempt to sell/auction off an Oscar, the Academy is given the option of buying the Oscar for…one dollar. The explanation for this is that it discourages winners from selling Oscars for money. This doesn’t apply to the Oscars before 1950 however.

9. Some of the Academy rules are hard to figure out

For example, the Best Original Song category. ‘Moulin Rouge’ was disqualified for using a song that was meant for another movie but never used in it, while ‘Once’ was nominated despite using a song that had been part of two albums.

10. There is a hint of racism and well as being outdated

Most of the jurists are older white men, who don’t really represent the main American movie-going demographic. Given that most of them are over 60 years old, they also might not like whatever is ‘in’ these days.

11. Award selection is not as professional as it seems

Some jurists have personal biases that they don’t keep in check when voting on nominations. Surprisingly, not all the jurists bother watching the movies before they decide to vote for them. So, people who don’t bother seeing movies decide which movie will win.

12. The award show survives by keeping an aura of exclusivity

This not only applies to the Oscar event but even the after parties. The ultimate A-lister party is hosted in a 28th floor Century City penthouse apartment. To be invited, you have to be an Academy Award nominee. No press is allowed as these talented fatcats socialize with each other.

13. Only awesome mathematicians can figure out some of the processes

The Best Picture category involves some very tough mathematics as it is rated on various categories on a scale of 1 to 8. If jurists haven’t seen the movies, they can skip some of the categories and then…I can’t explain, so here.

14. It’s hard to honor someone if you forget them

The ‘In Memoriam’ section of the awards has often left out more well-known celebrities for vaguely known or unknown ones. There was a major outcry when Joan Rivers was excluded from this list.

15. Leonardo DiCaprio has still not won an Oscar

Despite the fact that his movies are often commercial and critical hits. And the fact that he has a global fan-base who can’t stop theorizing on why this is the case. It looks like Leo’s careful consideration of his scripts and his acting talent will never please the Academy.

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