Maharashtra’s Youngest Organ Donor Deyaan Udani Saves Thousands Even After Death

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5:49 pm 15 Feb, 2016

Seven-year-old donor, Deyaan Udani, was on a vacation in Mumbai from Sydney with his family, when tragedy struck. Deyaan suffered from severe headache and suddenly collapsed on January 22, a few hours before their flight to Sydney. He underwent a surgery, but did not recover.

Deyaan’s organs were donated which gave four people a fresh shot at life. He also became Maharashtra’s youngest ever organ donor.

Two weeks after Deyaan’s sudden death, his family has come forward and made 3,000 people take the pledge to do the same.



SBS  7 year-old Deyaan Udani

On February 14, when many were out celebrating Valentine’s Day, the nine-year-old Naisha (Deyaan’s sister) addressed thousands of people in Dadar, Mumbai, telling them how she was proud of her younger brother Deyaan for wanting to donate his organs. She also announced that she would not hesitate to do the same should an opportunity present itself.

While addressing the audience, she brought many to tears when she said “I will donate my organs when I grow up. I am proud to have known my brother.”



Facebook  Deyaan and Naisha Udani


Recalling her brother, Naisha, during her address said that her brother had very recently learnt about organ donation at their school in Sydney and immediately wanted to sign up.

She went on to add:

“We found out that our mother had pledged her organs but our father had not. Deyaan and I had told him that instead of becoming ashes, he could save so many lives.”

Just weeks after he made the pledge, Deyaan died in Mumbai, making him the youngest donor in the state of Maharashtra.



Facebook  The Udani family

The Udani family donated Deyaan’s kidneys, heart and liver and the organs in turn gave four people a fresh shot at life including that to a 11 year old and a 15 year old.

The Udani’s gesture was truly appreciated by thousands of people in the city when they gathered to witness an emotional union of families who benefited from the Udani’s gesture.

A mother of the young girl who received of Deyaan’s heart was in tears when she said:

“Deyaan came into our lives like an angel and gave us the greatest gift. It is priceless to see your child smile and talk.”

She recalled how doctors had told her that her daughter would not live beyond a week and she had fallen unconscious hearing the news.

Deyaan and Udani family’s gesture has now made them a devout to the cause of organ donation and they now plan to propagate and donate organs themselves when the time comes.



Facebook Deyaan with his mother and sister

Deyaan’s mother Mili also had similar suggestions and said that schools could make a huge impact on India’s dwindling organ donation figures and make people realise its benefits. She also added that they will “carry the message through the spiritual network of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission in India and abroad.”

India’s organ donation statistic stands at a dismal 0.50 persons per million population and the family now aims to change that.

Niasha with her speech made people like Mumbai’s Mayor Snehal Ambekar, filmmaker Shubhash Ghai, many police officers and even doctors, to donate their organs.

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