12 Reasons Why I Am An Optimist In This World Full Of Negativity

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7:00 pm 19 Sep, 2015

People have this knack of being loners, broken and cynical about almost everything in life. I won’t deny that there are genuine lows in life, but what about blown-out-of-proportion larger-than-life drama?

Whenever I meet someone, usually people are complaining about how bad their job is, how rude their boyfriend is or how they’d just give up everything. In order to sympathize, I’d often empathize and say the same things. But the problem with these things is when you pretend to be sad, you start feeling sad.

So today, I decided I am going to stop pretending. I am going to stop calling my life worse to make you feel better. So here I put down why I am not afraid to say I am happy. Because, it’s my choice.

1. The reason why I am not sick of my work is because I love it.

No, I was not lucky to have stumbled upon something by chance. I was passionate for my ambition and I have struggled for it. You too have a choice!

2. The reason why I am not mulling over a heartache is because I have learned from it.

I have learnt that there are no bad people. Every circumstance occurs for a reason. The reason is to learn from it and move on. There’s no point whining over the past and suffering pain.

3. The reason why I am not self pitying is because I have discovered my worth.

There might have been a point when I thought all rejections sync to my self-worth, but not any more. I know what I am and what I am really worth. Hence, there is no room for self pity.

4. The reason why I am not perturbed by bad incidents in the world is because I choose to see the good.

True, it’s not a rosy place to live in but I believe in seeing the brighter side. There might be bad people, but there are millions of good ones too. There might be plane crashes, but there are thousands of safe landings too.

5. The reason I’m ignoring the bad news is not because I don’t care.

I don’t watch the news and I don’t pay heed to the negatives. This is not to say I am ignorant. I like to believe that change can be brought by action not by spreading negative vibes. A positive and a grateful attitude can change a lot.

6. The reason why I am not jealous of others is because I love motivating them.

We all are here for a purpose. I believe getting envious and pulling each other down will do no good. Hence, I love encouraging people to dream and fulfill theirs.

7. The reason I am not cribbing about people leaving is because I have given them reasons to stay.

You cannot expect people to remain constant without giving them enough. It’s not about giving them an entire being of yourself. Give a part of yourself you haven’t given to anyone else.

8. The reason I don’t regret negative people in my life is because I am careful when choosing them.

It’s very important to be careful in choosing the kind of people you are allowing in your life. The kind of people surrounding us impacts us immensely. They will be the ones shaping our attitude.

9. The reason social media websites do not make me feel insecure is because I don’t see them like that.

When I post on social media websites, I don’t get obsessed over it. My idea of social websites is not centered around myself. I post because I like it, not because it will fetch a large number of likes.

10. The reason why I am not embarrassed  is because I embrace.

I might have a silly picture popping up from 2000s and I will not delete it. I will share it and have a good time laughing over it. I have accepted my flaws as much as I have accepted my worth.

11. The reason why I am happy is because I don’t give too much importance to self-importance.

I do not calculate text ratios and will unabashedly text you 50 times in a row because that’s how much I have to say; and it’s funny. I do not think twice when I have to compliment someone just because they might get uppity. I know that will make them feel good and that is enough.

12. The reason I am not cribbing about my problems is not because I don’t have any.

I think cribbing creates chaos. I won’t say I don’t fall prey to it. I do. But I pick myself up and walk towards the other end. I believe in either working to sort it or talking about hopeful, positive things to encourage me to sort it. Despair just pulls you down.

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