Opposition Parties Sing In Unison; Say Modi’s Dalit Remark Is ‘Fake’

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3:14 pm 8 Aug, 2016

Recent Modi’s remark against atrocities on Dalit won hearts of many people but, opposition parties have termed it as ‘fake’ and said that he is an opportunist.

BSP leader Mayawati said, “PM Modi and the BJP kept quiet for two years. How have their eyes opened now? Uttar Pradesh and other states have elections soon, and they knew that Dalit people are not going to vote for them, that’s why the statement has come.”

Extending the support, Samajwadi Party’s Akhilesh Yadav said his realization has come late.

“Now that he sees that it’s going to cost him, then he brings the (dalit) issue to the forefront. His realization has come late, but now maybe he understands how much harm is being done in India,” said the UP chief minister.



The arch rival Congress said that PM has become weak and discriminates between various incidents that took place in country.

“The PM is worried about his votes so he says ‘shoot me’, why doesn’t he show the same concern for minorities in J&K or Ranchi. PM is looking for fake ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectors), I am telling him where real cow slaughterers are,” said Congress leader Pramod Tiwari.


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