A Website For Lookalikes Just Helped A 23-Year-Old Find A 33-Year-Old Doppelgänger

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5:01 pm 5 Sep, 2015

She made headlines earlier this year for finding her near-identical stranger online. Such was the impact of the “discovery” on her that Niamh Geaney developed a website called TwinStrangers.com with the help of two friends.

The website does a very simple thing: it finds your twin from anywhere around the world.


All you need to do is to upload your photograph. Twin Strangers compares facial features like face shape, eye shape and nose type and finds a twin if there is any in their database.

While few might have brushed off Geaney finding a look-a-like online as a one off incident, her website just proved how wrong they are.

According to Huffington Post, Geaney’s site found two women who almost look like identical twins, but are in no way are related to each other. In fact, there is also a ten year age gap between them.

The two uploaded their profile and selected the type of features they had. The site then matched 23-year-old Ambra, who lives in North Carolina, to 33-year-old Jennifer, who lives in Texas.

The site also took a special effort to make the two strangers meet and later uploaded a touching video of the moment.

The website also arranged for a special make-up and hair session for the two after which, it was even hard for Jennifer’s mother to tell them apart.



The similarity was so identical that Ambra was shocked:

“When I met her [Jennifer] I was like oh my goodness… She really does have my face.”

Lookalikes are not uncommon. A double of someone is a common theme in many movies from around the world. Classics such as ‘Prisoner of Zenda’ and ‘Prince and the Pauper’ have lookalikes as main protagonists.

In the real world, too, a Montreal based photographer, Francois Brunelle, spent 12 years photographing lookalikes from all over the world.

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