18 Hilarious Posters Taken From The #OneLetterOffMovies Trend On Twitter

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5:00 pm 22 Dec, 2015

A single letter off your word or sentence can change the whole meaning. This became a trend on twitter and brought all the smart minds from across the globe together. People came up with hilarious movie names by changing a single letter from the original.

These are some of the best ones for you:

1. Finding Emo


2. GhostbustHERS


3. The Gobfather


4. 28 Days Late


5. Pilates Of The Caribbean


6. Pup Fiction


7. The Incredible Culk


8. Last & Furious


9. Paws


10. Lawn Of The Dead


11. Stare Wars


12. Bean Girls


13. Planet Of The Abes


14. Fifty Shades Of Cray


15. When Harry Met Sully


16. Snapes On A Plane


17. Transfarmers


18. Tar Wars

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