Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

3:00 am 5 Sep, 2014

Epics are such great works of literature that with every passing day, our attraction towards the epics seem to be ever increasing. Correct us if we are wrong. In India, since the times B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata and Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana were telecasted on National Television, the saga of dealing with our epics increased 10-folds. But, if you ask us who has been the perfect one so far, we’ll say, ‘the best is yet to come’. In fact, we are secretly longing for that day when none but Peter Jackson would direct the grand epic, Mahabharata. Do you ask why? Well, read on to carve out the reasons yourself—

6. Because Jackson is the Father of Filming Epic

This is a huge statement, we admit. But there isn’t anyone who could be bestowed with the same honor and accolades. There have been numerous epics filmed around the world, but in its oldest avatar, no one has been able to weave a film with the same finesse, imagination, creativity and spectacular special effects (think about the chakravyuh scene using Jacksonian thoughts and special effects).And, would it not be a treat to get all these things clubbed up in our epic Mahabharata?

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

5. Characterization Matters

Yes, we know that you’ll have different directors (like the casting, creative, art, etc.) while filming a movie, but since everything is administered by the director, we simply have to bestow Peter Jackson with all the accolades in terms of characterization as well. Each of the characters seemed tailor-made for their roles. In fact, some of them even seemed perfect to don the garb of some characters from Mahabharata. For example, don’t you think Ian Mckellen, who plays the role of Gandalf in LOTR, simply perfect to play Bhishma Pitamah? And, unlike BR Chopra’s Mahabharata (we loved that, no doubt) this time, you won’t get to see any young man playing the role of an immortal grand old man!

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

4. The Weapons that were Used in LOTR

We don’t know whether you have noticed this or not, but the weapons that the characters use in the LOTR series is simply enough to transport you to the epochs bygone. Those sturdy and antique looking weapons are enough, to a great extent, to let the feel of watching an “Epic” dawn on you. And, the best part of it all is, they are not much intricately designed and out-of-the-world. This perhaps makes Peter Jackson all the more endearing to us than anyone else.

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

3. No More Fearing Away from the War Scenes

Another thing which our film directors lose out on portraying convincingly (or do not want to portray) is the war scenes. Now, what are epics if we completely chuck out on these scenes? And, as far as we’re concerned, we haven’t seen a war scene any more vividly and comprehensively portrayed as the war scenes from LOTR! So, this gives us another reason to simply love Peter Jackson to the extent of wanting him and solely him to direct the Mahabharata for us! Good enough reason, isn’t it?

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

2. No More “Retelling”, Focus on the Original!

Nowadays, people are more in favor of “retelling” these epics for they think that with all the “absurd” special effects and the age-old technology-less plots are definitely going to let them fall flat at the box office. Well, with Peter Jackson, it’ll be a different story altogether. At least we hope so, especially after the giant successes of the LOTR series! We should learn from him to capture all those special effects par excellence, to the extent of rubbing away the fine line between the virtual and the real! Thou art indeed a genius, Mr. Jackson.

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

1. The Ideal Mahabharata With The Typical Age-old Setting Will Be Boring!

Err….for those of you who think likewise, we bet Peter Jackson’s version is going to change your whole notion! If he could base the “epic” The Lord of the Rings set in the pre-historic age brilliantly with all its inherent phantasmagoric appeal intact, then he would definitely be able to justify a perfect filming of Mahabharata. What do you think?

Why No One Can Direct A Perfect Mahabharata But Peter Jackson

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