9 Pictures To Show You The Forgotten 1936 Olympic Site Of Hitler’s Germany

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10:32 pm 31 Jul, 2016

The first ever Olympics to be televised were the “Nazi Games” of 1936 held in Germany.

Germany had won the bid to host the Olympics and Hitler saw this as a precious opportunity to present Germany as a peaceful country. In real, he wanted to spread Nazi propaganda while building a military machine and the complex built for the Olympics was meant to be used by the army eventually.

The magnificently built site now stands in ruins, barely ever visited by tourists and mostly forgotten by its natives.



The Nazi flag was raised adjacent to the Olympic flag.



This is how the village of Berlin looked in 1939.



The dining hall for the 1936 Olympics was un-restored in 2012.



Hitler tried to bar Jews and blacks from participating in the Olympics, but stopped when other nations threatened to boycott. In fact, the great American sprinter Jesse Owens won four gold medals that year.



The complex was later taken over by the Soviets after the Second World War.



Due to its Nazi source of origination, the site has largely remained underdeveloped and ignored by its natives.



Lately, however,  there have been some plans to develop it into a museum as it’s a source of curiosity for new students and visitors. One of the dormitories, used by Jesse Owens, has been reconstructed too.



The rest of the complex however, still remains a shameful part of Nazi history, so with no plans of restoration, it might just be converted into a residential society owing to Germany’s increasing population.


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