This Old Cab Driver Saved A 25-Years-Old From Getting Raped. Hats Off To His Courage.

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4:09 pm 19 Oct, 2016

Today, we live in a society where people hardly get time to think about anyone else. This rat race to earn a perfect living for ourselves is somewhere taking us away from our responsibilities to our people, towards our society.

But, this old cab driver with his act proved that humanity still exists!



He, despite of his age, took such a courageous step to save this 25-years-old, who could have been raped that night. The driver told Humans of Bombay, that he is in this driving service from past 35 years and has met many people but he just cannot forget that girl and fright she had that night on her face.

Here is the whole incident as told by him…

I’ve been driving this cab since 35 years now. I’m old, but I still have to support myself. Over the years there have been so many experiences — I’ve seen the best and worst of this city. Sometimes, people like you will talk to me, atleast make me feel human and then there are others who come and scream at me because they’re in a hurry and there’s too much traffic.

A few years ago, at around 12:30 am one night, I noticed a young girl, not over 25 walking from the bus stop, possibly towards her home.

It was one of those dingy lanes where there aren’t a lot of people. I noticed her, because she looked very anxious and when I looked behind her I saw these 2-3 drunk fellows whistling, and calling her names.

They then began to actively chase her and I was still across the street — so as a reflex I decided to start honking continuously. The noise created enough alarm, because they were startled and immediately ran away in the other direction.

I crossed over, and told that girl that I would drop her home — she was so terrified, she had gone completely pale. We drove in silence for those 2-3 minutes….her house was just around the corner, but when she stepped outside, she caught both my hands, started weeping and thanked me over and over again.

Even though I said it’s okay and that I would have done it for anyone, she insisted that I wait outside while she went in to get something. She came out with a tin of rasgullas and told me to take them home to my family — I thanked her and left. I barely knew her for 10 minutes, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night.

People generally ignore even if they come across such situation thinking about their own life or simply feel that it’s none of their business. But this man understood his responsibility. He definitely is an inspiration as well as an eye-opener for many of us.

Hats Off To Him!

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