17 Elderly Couples Who Prove It’s Never Too Late To Find True Love

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3:00 am 24 Jun, 2015

1. Alton Nichols, 91, And Betty Hall, 84, married after finding love at a senior living complex.


2. Vivian, 91, and Alice, 90, finally got married after 72 years together.


3. 101-year-old groom and 103-year-old bride pose for their first wedding photo 88 years after their marriage.


4. The groom Is 94 and the bride 86 years old.


5. Geneva and Manuel Freeman finally got their traditional wedding 70 years later, as they had to marry in a rush before WWII.


6. 98-year-old Ted finally marries sweetheart Jean.


7. Dana Jackson, 100, and Bill Stauss, 87, both residents of Rosweood Healthcare, kiss shortly after being married at Roswood.


8. Eighty-five-year-old couple, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis remarry 48 years after their divorce.


9. George Raynes and Carol Harris, both 83, got married 73 years later having their first kiss.


10. John Deurwaarder, 97, and Alta Lunsford, 78, both widowed, dated for five months before getting married.


11. Peggy Clark, 84, and James Mason, 93, got married  after meeting at a daycare center a month earlier.


12. Eighty years after they met, Jose Riella, 103, and Martina Lopez, 93, finally get married.


13. Larry Stahl, 84, and Florence Stahl, 87, met in a retirement home.


14. After 15 years of dating, 90-year-old couple gets married.


15. Jack and Freda get married 53 years after their engagement.


16. Ellen and Terry find true love.


17. Larry and Bev get married.


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