These photographs show Hindi movie director AR Kardar taking a screen test of two new girls in 1951. James Burke, of Life Magazine, took these photos.

1. So far, so good.

Whimsically looking into the distance is a skill all actresses must have.

2. Chap in dark suit looks happy.

That’s good for the actress, right? RIGHT??

3. Ummmm

Don’t they have changing rooms?!!?

4. Down to the basics.

Which is fine because maybe the scene calls for skimpy clothes.

5. Please!

Is the rear-view admiration also necessary?

6. It’ll be weird, no?

Imagine standing in a bikini talking to people in suits.

7. Body language says it all.

Yep, yep, yep. That has got to be uncomfortable.

8. Why is he so happy!?

Makes me wonder if she got the part. Does anyone know?

9. Right.

Doesn’t look like the outfit needs much adjusting.

10. What the hell!

Did she remove the sari and blouse first, then put the blouse back on and do this??? (Check photo 3).