Starting Jan 1 In Delhi, Cars Will Ply On Roads Based On Odd Or Even Number Plates

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6:41 pm 4 Dec, 2015

Yes, you read the headline right!

Come January 1, 2016, Delhi roads will see cars with either odd or even number plate plying on it in a particular day.


The Delhi government has decided that private cars will be allowed to ply alternately on roads of the national capital based on the last digit of their number plate.

So, you will see cars with odd registration numbers on one day and even numbers on another.


Car Meme


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal himself chaired the meeting in which the decision was taken. It has been decided that the ruling includes vehicles coming in from other states (read NCR region).

Why did they take such a drastic measure? Because the Delhi High Court called living in the city like “living in a gas chamber” in an observation made on Thursday and asked the Centre and the state to make a comprehensive action plan.


The plan is expected to reduce air pollution in Delhi by cutting emissions by half. The decision does not covers public vehicles.

Take a look at this real-time data. Notice how Delhi’s pollution level is way above that of other major cities in India.


Air Quality in Delhi

This real time data shows the PM2.5 levels in five Indian cities at 6 PM on December 4, 2015. Aqicn

Around 1,500 cars are added to the roads of Delhi every day. Various studies have pointed out that Delhi has more cars than Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai combined.


The government has taken the decision but a lot depends on how it is implemented and whether it is.




Till then, breathe easy.


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