These 12 Memes Prove That Obama And Joe Biden Are So Ready To Welcome Trump At The White House

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7:36 pm 13 Nov, 2016

As shocking it may sound but it’s true, Donald Trump will be the next president of The United States of America. The white house, more so America, will miss the political bromance between Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the vice-president of the US.

Twitteratis have correctly imagined how Obama and Joe would be planning to greet Trump and these memes hilariously depict their game plan:

1. A not-so-warm welcome:

2. The infectious plan:


3. Are you ready, Trump?

4. Because Obama and Joe are:

6. Ragging mode: Brutal

7. It’s tough to let things go:

8. Obama finally agreed. Almost.

9. The secret plan:

10. Biden meets Pence (The newly elected vice-president) and explains him everything:


11. Biden won’t let you pass this door:

12. The final punch:


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