Something In Delhi Took 6 Hrs Off Of Obama’s Life, And India Might Have To Pay

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10:05 pm 28 Jan, 2015

The US President Barack Obama was enjoying his stay in India, when something managed to slip past the seven-layer security perimeter and took 6 hours off of the President’s life.

US President

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The criminal’s name is PM2.5.

(No, it is not version 2.5 of Narendra Modi.)

Modi Meme

It is the name of tiny, toxic particles that cause respiratory diseases and heart attacks, besides haze.


Bloomberg has something to say on that:

The Indian capital averaged 153 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013…That’s 15 times more than the average annual exposure recommended by the WHO.

And they also brought in a Cambridge statistician on the issue.

“That’s roughly 8 cigarettes a day,” said David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at the University of Cambridge.

Chain Smoking

So, Obama and Modi announced that India will be implementing the (US) Environmental Protection Agency’s international air quality forecasting system AIRNow.


AIRNow’s report can lead to stricter regulations on fossil fuels, which will have a direct bearing on India’s development.

Fossil Fuel

Because India still largely depends on fossil fuels for running its industrial engine.

How will you, then, Make in India, and what will you make? This?


Another “solution” surreptitiously mentioned is Blueair, an indoor air purifier – 1800 of which was purchased by the US Embassy in India.


The sales of the devices, which are priced between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh on eBay, will no doubt climb.



So, the toxic fumes will continue to kill all those who can’t pay, while guaranteeing an eternal life to those who already live in castles.

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