Nurse Who Was Kissed In The Iconic World War II Photo Dies At The Age Of 92

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1:51 pm 12 Sep, 2016

Greta Friedman, the woman who claimed she was the girl in the famous World War II picture, died on September 10 due to pneumonia.

Greta, who was 92-years-old was a resident of assisted living home in Virginia and had become famous due to a picture that was taken in 1945.

In the famous picture, a sailor had kissed a random nurse after the World War II had ended and the picture over the years became symbolic.


The news about her death was confirmed by her son Joshua Friedman who said she died of pneumonia.

The black and white photography was shot by renowned photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt on August 14, 1945, after the news had broken that Japan had surrendered.

American daily ‘The New York Times’ at that time had reported the news using this photograph which had captured a defining moment of the 20th century.

For many years, no one knew who these two people in the photograph and many had come forward claiming they were the ones in the photograph.

Finally in 2012 the book “The Kissing Sailor” claimed to confirm the names of the world-famous couple and identified them as Greta the nurse and George Mendonsa, the sailor.


It was also revealed that  George was on a date that day with another woman who would later go to be his wife.

Mendonsa in 2012 had said :

“It was the moment. You come back from the Pacific, and finally, the war ends. The excitement of the war being over, plus I had a few drinks … So when I saw the nurse, I grabbed her, and I kissed her.”

Greta meanwhile had said:

“That man was very strong. I wasn’t kissing him. He was kissing me. I did not see him approaching, and before I knew it, I was in this vice grip.”
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