A Gujarati NRI Returns To India To Protect Cows; Says They Are The Most Useful Animal

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6:00 pm 9 Aug, 2016

Sheetal Parikh, a Gujarati NRI, who was leading a comfortable life in the US, left it all and came back to India to works towards cow protection or ‘gau raksha’.

According to TOI, she considers cow as the most sacred and useful animal. “From childhood, I had read about cows and how important they are in our culture. My father, an Ayurvedic doctor, too told me about benefits of cow. When I grew up I decided to do something for the bovine that, though, revered in India is neglected in urban areas,” she said.




She said it’s a big task and she couldn’t have done by volunteering from the US. She aims to save aged cows who are sold off by farmers when they stop giving milk.

“I became a volunteer of Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO) working for saving aged cows sold off by farmers. We buy aged cows as farmers sell them off once they stop giving milk. Usually such cows land in slaughterhouses and our aim is to save such cows. The cows are kept in a ‘gaushala’ and given proper food and medicines till they live,” Parikh added.

She claims the organisation she works with has saved 60 cows and now, they plan to adopt 500 such cows.



“We have saved and are taking care of 60 cows that are kept in a gaushala in Godhra and our aim is adopt 500 such cows. Coming to India and working for saving this sacred animal has been a very fulfilling experience,” she said.


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