17 Signs That Show You Cannot Live Without Kajal

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8:00 pm 8 Jun, 2015

This is the most delicate, subtle and unbreakable relationship in the world with no promises in return. It instantly lifts up the life of a woman and boosts up the confidence in her. It is not a long-winded inspirational speech but a simple beauty product – kajal.

We girls love kajal and we swear by them. The most beautiful creation of God is a woman who finds her heart in kajal. If your must have product in vanity kit remains kajal, you would relate to this.

1. People think you are unwell, when you forget wearing kajal for a single day.

No, I’m alright dude; it is just my kajal not with me today.


2. As soon as you hear about online discounts, you think of grabbing few more kajal for yourself.

Okay, should I buy a Mac kajal or Maybelline one? Oh no, Lakme got new edition! Urgh! Confusion, confusion!


3. You always save a part of your income to get hitched to the best kajal in the market.

Yes, that’s true, and we don’t feel ill-humoured over it.


4. ‘Ankho main teri ajab si adaae hai ’ was just meant for you.

Obviously, this song is only meant for kajal lovers’ community.


5. You can forget your wallet but not your kajal.

Haha! Actually.


6. You will always have two different kajal, one to keep in your purse and other one in some secret pockets.

In fact in small sizes too, so that it slips in your jeans pocket.


7. You have tried almost all the colours available in kajal.

Umm…..Yes! Fantasy speaks to try them all.


8. And you hate it when people say, eyeliner works better than kajal.

Oh please! I have my own business and I know to mind it well.


9. We don’t care about the new trends in colour, we love and adore black.

Come back to something original and better.


10. You would lose your cool when people say ‘Makeup Laga k Aae Hai Kya?’

Please! Kajal isn’t makeup.


11. And you hit the panic button when you don’t find your kajal in place.

I would rather choose you hit your face, if I find my very own kajal with you.


12. The first thing mentioned in your shopping list always remains kajal.

No matter how many I have, I always need a new one.


13. After few hours, you keep checking whether your kajal is in place or not.

Yes, I look beautiful tonight.


14. You control you emotions while crying, just because your kajal may start smudging away.

Uff! I want to cry my heart out but I choose to control my emotions for the sake of my precious kajal.


15. You always want a final touch up with kajal before the celebration begins.

We don’t need dark, but darkest black is something we are always greedy about! So just in need of a touch up.


16. You are so experienced in using kajal, you would do this task easily even without a mirror in front of you.

I can apply kajal like a pro and what I need is nothing. No, not even mirror. Got it!


17. It triggers your confidence immediately.

Kajal makes you a complete woman and you could feel the happy and merry vibes around.


So, are you a kajal lover too?


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