It’s Not The Right Time For Bullet Trains In India, Says Former Delhi Metro Chief E Sreedharan

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2:17 pm 19 Feb, 2016

It is a known fact that one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest dream is to bring Bullet train in India.

However, former Delhi Metro chief Dr E Sreedharan feels that at present India is not ready for bullet trains and should rather emphasize on improving the Indian Railways present system.

Also known as the ‘Metro Man’, Sreedharan explained:

“This is not the right time for bullet trains in the country but there is a need for improving existing facilities, speed, infrastructure and comforts of passengers. May be after eight to 10 years, we may require bullet train.”


The Hindu

The Hindu The Metro Man of India – Dr E Sreedharan

On the occasion of foundation day of the ‘Nagpur Metro Rail’ project, Dr Sreedharan expressed his satisfaction over the progress of the project.

He explained that the Nagpur metro project would be using a new technology where the viaduct will be of 8.5 metres against the 10 metres that have been used in other Metro projects across the country and that is a step in the right direction.


Dr. Sreedharan, who has worked with Railways for around 36 years, said that he feels it would be completed on time and it should be affordable to users.

He said:

“If you don’t complete the project within the time frame, the cost will escalate Rs 50 lakhs per day. When the detailed project report of Delhi Metro was drafted, the completion target was given 10 years but we finished in seven years and three months, which was a record, thereby saving a huge revenue.”


Emphasising on the need to evolve the work culture amongst Metro employees and the staff, he said it will help in inculcating a ‘sense of integrity’ amongst them.

He also said that the public should be educated about the Metro Project’s utility and also be kept engaged with regards to its project so that there are no inordinate delays in execution.


BCCL Delhi Metro


Giving an example of Delhi, he said that the construction of the run of 65 km Metro rail has considerably reduced the congestion on the road with around 35,000 cars off the road.

He also added that this, in turn, has saved Rs 3 lakh crore worth of fossil fuel.


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