9 Signs That Prove You Are Not Being Yourself

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5:17 pm 25 Jan, 2016

You silently sat in that unknown corner of the classroom and questioned, which of these students is me? Am I that silent one or the crazy one or the mixed one? The mind couldn’t answer this simple answer but finally the heart whispered, you are the curious one.

Signs that proves that you are not being yourself:


1. Every step you take is so consciously planned.

You will never be able to find  your real and true reaction to situations if you consciously plan what to say and when to say it. This damaging burden on your mind will explode someday, creating havoc in your life.


2. You are not happy with the way you are.

You feel that you exist but that existence never really got transformed into liveliness. You are not happy with the way you react and understand circumstances. As you close your eyes at midnight, the eyes are still drowned with the tears of regrets.


3. Your spontaneous reaction never really interests others.

Your boring reaction is amalgamation of confused thoughts and slow grasping power. Your natural reaction should be from the heart, so that people get to know the real you.

4. You flaws irritate and frustrate you.

Your flaws were born with you and they will remain connected to your soul till the end. Use all your flaws and imperfections to define who you are. They must shine your individuality and come handy when you have to say the word ‘No’.


5. You have always admired other people’s personality.

You often wondered why others are so different from you and wished you had same spark and enthusiasm. Stop wasting time acknowledging other people and unlock your mad side.

6. You overthink and judge things a lot.

That’s your favorite pass-time. You are constantly analyzing who is saying what and reaching stupid conclusions that are conditioned by your past experiences.


7. You are afraid to show your crazy side to other people.

In that lonely room, you danced like nobody’s watching and shouted to let go of your towering pain. But when in a crowd, you portray the image of a person who doesn’t love to have fun.


8. You believe that nobody will ever like you.

Unless you like yourself, nobody can ever like you. The warmth of  your heart will hide beneath that self-made hatred for yourself.

9. You are stopping yourself from following your passion.

The day you accept yourself, the heart will yell your inner calling. To find your passion, you need to cherish the person you really are.

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