A Northeast Girl Was Discriminated At Jama Masjid; Kiren Rijiju Will Follow The Matter

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11:17 pm 3 Nov, 2016

A northeastern girl and her friends were allegedly discriminated at Jama Masjid. They were allegedly asked to pay Rs 300 to carry their phones inside while others didn’t pay a penny.

In a post, the student Niyang Pertin from Arunachal Pradesh said,”I and my friends were particularly targeted and asked to pay Rs 300 each to take mobile phones inside the premises of Jama Masjid. When we asked as to why only we are being charged, we were told to mind our own business.”


In the video, the student shared her ordeal of having to prove her nationality time and again.

Pertin asked, “Being a member of Northeast India, unfortunately, I always have to prove my nationality. Even if I visit a national museum, park or a site, I need to show my identity card to ensure that I am Indian and not an outsider. I don’t know when a time will come when we will not be asked to prove our nationality and accepted as an Indian.”

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju shared the video and said that he would personally follow the matter.

“Despite Home Ministry taking various steps to stop discriminations against the North-East people this still happened! I will follow it up,” he tweeted.

Social media users expressed their anger against the discrimination against the northeasterns’.


It is really shameful that people from northeast states are ill treated and discriminated in our country.

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