North Korea May Be Creating A Malware That Can Kill People

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2:00 am 30 May, 2015

The people of North Korea have to labour like cattle to feed themselves but Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is more interested in killing “enemies” than help his country develop.

North Korean defector Prof Kim Heung-Kwang, who taught computer science at Hamheung Computer Technology University before escaping in 2004, told in an exclusive interview to BBC that the reclusive country is raising an army of hackers who can not only destroy critical military and civilian installations but can also kill people.


He claims that the cyber army of North Korea is 6,000 strong. North Korea has a notorious hacking unit known as Bureau 121, which is believed to be operating from China from the basement of a restaurant known for its Korean food.

It finds mention on TripAdvisor.


The professor said that North Korea is building something like the Stuxnet – an Israel-US malware attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges before being discovered in 2010.

“[A Stuxnet-style attack] designed to destroy a city has been prepared by North Korea and is a feasible threat,” Prof Kim said.


Earlier this year, South Korea had blamed the North for a hack attack on the country’s hydro and nuclear installations.

“If TV had gone off air and then ATMs stopped working, people might have panicked.”

A simple hack of traffic lights can lead to a chain of accidents killing many. A hack attack on a power grid can end the lifeline of an entire city – hospitals without power will lead to deaths of patients.


Kim says the world should unite to thwart North Korea’s attempt to destroy the internet.


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