Congress Leader Noori Khan Says That She Loves Saffron Color Because It Symbolizes Freedom

6:45 pm 9 Aug, 2017

She recently made headlines by wearing a saffron colored clothes and chanting “Om Namah Shivaay”. Congress leader.  Noori Khan has again hit the news and this time for justifying her attempt in hurting the sentiments of many. Noori has now come up with her latest views on why wearing saffron color is justified.

As per a report, Noori was found stating,

I am not here to justify my attempt. I have made it clear what my intentions and philosophies have been. I have not initiated any fight against the maulanas. I love saffron color because it is the color of freedom. No color can ever be a copyright of any individual. Saffron color is different from saffron thinking and philosophies.

Noori Khan wearing a Saffron colored attire


She further stated,

Islam is a strong religion. When people do not find their answers anywhere, they must look inside a Quran. Once a renowned Maulvi said that saffron color is not permitted in Islam. When I asked him about the same, he could not give me a justified answer. Being a Muslim, I chanted “Om Namah Shivaay”, wearing a saffron color, just to present an example of strengthening the Hindu-Muslim ties.

She further added,

It is a matter of sheer disgrace that firstly we were divided on the basis of religion and now we are being divided on the basis of color. Many a times, Hindus chant “Allah”, but this never becomes a matter of a threat to their own religion.

She concluded that we are ruining the nation by becoming extremists.

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