Mysterious Flasher In Noida Has Been Annoying The Hell Out Of Women

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5:06 pm 17 Aug, 2015

In Block C of the Omicron 1A Society, a mysterious man has been on the lookout for single women or women in groups in order to “reveal himself” to them. The man apparently waits for the women and then strips in front of them.

When the women raise an alarm or chase him, the serial flasher always manages to run away and no one has been able to catch him.


Residents say that the man has been doing this for a long time and that a case had been registered at the Greater Noida police station last month. The flasher is taking advantage of the fact that the society is located in an isolated area.

The only descriptions of him state he’s in his late 30s, around 5’9” and with curly hair. For a guy who strips down to nothing, he sure isn’t leaving a lasting impression.


Last Thursday afternoon, the man drove a bike with a helmet but with no clothes on. He made obscene gestures at women standing on their balconies and then tried to hug a woman waiting for her kid’s school van. Society members ran towards him, at which point, he made his escape.

In July, the man chased a couple of women from their kids’ school all the way back to their society in a car. He fled when they raised an alarm.


The next day, he was back on the streets completely naked, offering women lifts while carrying a gun. A few days later, he parked his car in front of the society and when he saw some women waiting for their kids, he stripped and made lewd gestures at them.

“We were not able to note down the number of his car or motorcycle. It seems like he comes prepared and flees whenever somebody raises the alarm,” said Anil Singh, RWA president.


SP (rural) Sanjay Kumar Yadav said, “A case has already been registered. A PCR team has been deputed in the area. It seems like the accused is mentally ill. We will nab him soon.” Residents have threatened to stage a protest if the man isn’t stopped soon.

Residents have become so vigilant that they nearly beat up a society member for sitting in a car with a friend. They chased him with sticks and rods before they discovered their mistake.



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