Kargil Martyr’s Daughter Puts Her Hate Against Pakistan Aside And Says Enough Is Enough

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1:06 pm 4 May, 2016

This is Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of Kargil martyr Capt. Mandeep Singh. As a young girl, she hated Pakistan and all Muslims till she realised that it was something else that killed her father.


The 19-year-old from Jalandhar has put up a powerful 4 minute 25 second video that expresses her view in 36 placards.

She explains that after she lost her father she had grown resentful towards Pakistan and even tried to stab a woman in burqa as she thought she was responsible for her fathers death.


She explains how it was her mother who took charge, held her back and made her understand why her father’s death was not Pakistan’s fault, but that of the war.

Talking about the strained on-and-off relationship between India and Pakistan, she appealed the viewers to stop the war and hatred against each other.


She concludes by saying that it took her a while to understand, but today she finally sees her mother’s point and has finally learnt to let go of her hate.

“Stop pretending and solve the problem,” she tells the governments.


Her point is very simple.


But here was the strongest point of the video:


Watch the video:


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