Defence Ministry Asks Indian Army To Stop Buffalo Slaughter Ritual

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6:16 pm 30 Oct, 2015

A report by The Economic Times says that Indian Defence Ministry has asked the Indian army to stop buffalo slaughter within their units.

The report further asked the army to make sure that  none of its units indulge in the above ritual, which till now has been  an age-old tradition especially in the regions where Gurkha battalions are posted.

The instructions were reportedly issued so as to put an end to the annual practice that takes place around Dussehra in which certain army units behead a male buffalo.

Acknowledging the the fact that the practice was a tradition, the ministry stated that the they understood it was traditional, but the  ‘laws have now changed’, and thus it should no longer be followed.

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First Post

The report then goes on to add that the government used the ‘animal cruelty’ angle combined with the fact that buffalo slaughter is illegal by law, to push for this ban within the army.

Talking about the move a top defence ministry official told ET:

“It is understood that there may be some who wish to carry out this tradition but rules should not be bent. If there is such a need, rules can be followed and the animal can be taken to government authorized slaughter houses as per the law.”

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