16 Things A Girl Should Know When Everyone Around Is Getting Married Except Her

10:00 am 14 Aug, 2015

Mid 20s is a peculiar time—you gotta enjoy yourself to fullest while investing yourself in serious thoughts about your future too! And, the pathos of this dual existence reaches its crescendo when you see all your friends getting married and “settling,” one by one.

You may feel a bit awkward and left out. It’s natural and you should be okay with this new scheme of things in your little world. Don’t agree? Here’s what you should know.

1. The almighty wants you to enjoy freedom a bit more than others; relax and don’t fret over your best buddies getting married.

No matter what “form” of marriage it is, the “bliss” associated with nuptial bond isn’t as real as it looks on Facebook and Instagram updates.


2. Keep calm and enjoy life, one day at a time!

For now, you can live for yourself, rather than for others.


3. Happiness is ‘being single,’ not in a cluster.

For here in India, marriage usually comes as a package – in a way, your in-laws own you. Now, who on earth would want that to happen too early in life?


4. Do whatever you want—from screaming your lungs out at a rock concert to kissing a hot hunk at the party

For now, you do not “belong” to anyone. And there is no around to judge you and there are no standard morals for you to stick to!


5. While these married friends fuss about their in-laws, you can have pop corn and let them entertain you.

You will wonder if it’s their stories that inspire the Indian soap operas or it’s the other way round!


6. Eat your heart out instead of fasting every other day for trivial reasons.

Fasting for the longevity of the husbands or the well being of the family is an intrinsic part of our culture. And god forbid if you love chicken and your in-laws don’t, you may just have to wait for weeks to get that one tasty bite of meat!

For now, you have no such obligations. Enjoy!


7. You can have extra hours of partying after office or straightway go to your bed instead of coming back home early and cooking for others.


8. You can afford to hate kids when single.

This doesn’t mean you should but once married, having kids is going to be one of the most important things others expect of you.


9. Adventure sports, trekking, hiking, beach holidays—you can just have everything you want when single!

When married, everything has to be done in a certain way, including the way you ease off and holiday! Don’t waste another weekend regretting lost love, delays in marriage or stuff like that! Cheer up and start living.


10. Earn the way you like, and spend the way you love.

You are not answerable to anyone.


11. Simply gorge onto anything that pleases you.

For in India, if you’re married, you cannot love to eat unless you really want to gather some unwanted scorn from your aunts-in-law!


12.You can afford to feel cranky, mad, listless and reckless to!

Your married friends cannot.


13. You can eye some nice guy, and think about him on your way back home!

This is absolutely unimaginable to the married women—the “one man women”!


14. Adopt a pet or a baby—choose your path and lively unconditionally

Be free, be unapologetic, and live like who you are.


15. Play stupid pranks on your friends getting married—it’s awesome!

Ever considered sending in a wedding card with “condolences” as its caption?


16. It is not a bad idea to get married. But how soon others get married and to whom, shouldn’t keep you from living your life to the fullest!

If you wish to get married sometime in future, go ahead and nurture some pretty dreams while you invest in your career and personal well being.


If not, there are always more important things in life to look forward to, right?


Do you have any experiences or fun ideas you want to share with our readers? Write in!

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