10 Fallouts Of The Law That States You Can’t File An FIR Against MLA/Bureaucrat In Maharashtra

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7:18 pm 2 Jul, 2015

We all know how influential personalities and politicians get away with criminal offences. And to further simplify this process and make it totally hassle-free for them, the Maharashtra Cabinet has amended a provision of the Criminal Procedure Code to prevent filing of an FIR against a ‘public representative’ without the sanction of a competent authority. Yes, now you cannot file an FIR against an MLA or a bureaucrat. So, what can we expect from this law?

1. MLAs/Bureaucrats will have a free hand in rape and sexual assault cases.  And, we talk about equality.


2. Are you pissed off by corruption? Get used to it. If Maharashtra government amendment prevails, then MLAs/bureaucrats can take bribes and not be questioned. Forgot about action.


3. Gunda raj will remain a menace for citizens. Well, that has just become legal for MLAs/bureaucrats in Maharashtra.


4. Child abuse? Why worry! MLAs/Bureaucrats can do whatever they like.

5. Love your money? Well, hide it in the best place you can. Because robbery is no more punishable by law for MLAs/bureaucrats.

6. Some ‘public representative’ kidnapped your loved one? Ab toh bas duaa hi kaam aayegi.

7. Alcoholism has destroyed many lives. For public representatives, drunk driving won’t be a problem. After all, they can do whatever they like.


8. We have often heard of political conspiracies or financial conspiracies. Well, the Maharashtra government just made them legal for public representatives.

9. Murder or forgery, nothing matters. Even if MLAs/bureaucrats commit any of these crimes, it will be no problem. Uska koi ukhad na payega.


10. Homicide is no more a crime baby. Suna nahi? FIR can’t be filed against MLAs/bureaucrats.

If you feel threatened by an MLA or bureaucrat and fear they can harm you, run as fast as you can. Why? You won’t be able to even file an FIR, forgot  justice!


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