Russia Has No Contracts With Pakistan With Regards To Any Fighter Jets: Sergey Chemezov

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11:39 am 16 Oct, 2016

In a recent interview, CEO of Russia’s ROSTEC Corp, Sergey Chemezov said that Russia is not delivering any military aircraft to Pakistan and that at present they have no contract in place with Pakistan with regards to delivering any SU – 35s aircraft to them.

“We are not delivering any military aircraft to Pakistan. We have made deliveries of transport helicopters and that contract has been completed. No contracts or plans for any other military-related equipment to Pakistan exist for present.”

Chemezov further clarified that Russia’s recent military exercise with Pakistan was to “counter-terror operations” in Pakistan and in no way targeted towards India.

“Our relationship with Pakistan has existed in the past as well… The military exercises in September this year were directly connected with modernising counter terror operations in Pakistan. ISIS is a global danger and doesn’t just involve terrorists in the Middle East but also in India and Pakistan. Therefore joint military exercises are important, but it must be noted that were not in any way targeted at India or at any other conflict in the region.”

Chemezov runs Russia’s military and tech giant ROSTECH and is considered a close associate of Russian President Putin.


He is often referred to as the second-most important Russian on defense issues and had recently addressed few journalists on the sidelines of BRICS Summit in Goa.

India recently had signed many major agreements with Russia, including a deal on S-400 Triumf anti-missile system.

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